Monday, May 24, 2010

New stock and New designs

oh... AND... A NEW SPACE!!!

I think I have finally taken over our bottom rumpus room as my space for creativeness :) NO I have taken over LOL!

It is a HUGE area and Jade is making it into a very lovely area for me to keep all of my 'mess'. We are building a purpose built L-shaped bench (one I can stand at or use a tall stool) and we'll eventually put in some shelving for storage. I SOOOOO can't wait for it all to come together!!!

(and taken with my iPhone - sorry for the quality)

I have been on a wee mission for some time now to update some of my designs for my prints. AND I have finally started! I have in mind a few series. I have only started with the kitchen and damask series so far, but I am well on my way in developing the other two/three series: It is so much fun coming up with new designs!

Check out the few photos below of some of my prints framed (these designs also come as cards - the frames with multiple prints are fairly large - if you want to know sizes shoot me an email).

Don't forget, if you like any of my products and are unable to attend the next market I am selling at, send me an email and we can arrange the purchase for you that way if you wish.

Hope you like :)



The Barn Market - 5 June

It is almost here again... The Barn Market @ Rosny Park. Hope to see you there :)

Just look for our marque outside.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's been a while

WOW! The last few weeks have flown by! AND I have been rather slack with my blogging! But hey, I have one baby boy to play with now, so I have been a little preoccupied! Max was born on the 7th May via c section. He is a little trooper a great sleeper (so far) and a very hungry monkey! We have been blown away with how beautiful and perfect he is! Check him out...

Our amazing little boy Maxwell Henry

There have been a few other things that have gone on in my world in the last few weeks. Jasmine Rose went to Launceston for two markets. One was at Civic homespun on 13th March and the other was Niche on the 30th April/1st May.

Niche layout...

ohh dear... I almost forgot the handmadehobart market (15/16 May). I managed to pop in briefly on the Saturday and was able to stay for some time on the Sunday arvo. Again - a HUGE thanks goes out to Helen who took care of our site both days and to my AWESOME hubby who went in bright and early to set up the jasmine rose stock and was there for the pack down!!! You two are very cool! Heaps of love to you both!

AND TODAY!!!!! We did Salamanca for the very first time! AND OH MY!!! It was FREEZING COLD! Note to self... take leather gloves, hat and put on thermals! Especially for winter! It definitely was an experience! Here are a few shots of the day and the set up (and my little trooper who made it through the day)...

ALSO I have been creating NEW things :) I just can't help myself! Jasmine Rose is planning some new things for the remainder of 2010. We are branching out into the kids domain with some very cute & cool products. Here is a little sneak peak of my cute'o wall plaques and I also have a few other things that are currently being developed. Keep an eye on the blog for what is in store :)

Children's Wall (or shelf) Decorations

Along with the children's line, I have been developing a few designs for my screen prints. I have been collecting some funky 'home things' over the last little while with the intention to photograph them and turn them into prints. I have finally started to work on these. I'll get a few photos up shortly to show you how they turned out. I have to say that I am in love with them :)

So there you go, a wee update on all things JR. I hope you and your family are well and keeping warm this chilly Autumn.

Hope to see you at the up coming Barn market on the 5th June.