Thursday, December 12, 2013

WOW! Please forgive me! I've been very slack here with the blog!

Hi Hi! Blogging is definitely not my strength! Photos is the way I tell my stories so hunt me down on instagram - don't forget to hash tag your JasmineRose photos with #jasminerosetasmania. I LOVE seeing who/how/where JR turns up!

Here's a little of our life from the last, oh... several months :p

As you can see we have been quite active; playing, exploring, creating and enjoying life (even with a little bit of 8mth old teething!).

All in with a bit of vintage caravan restoring! Hopefully ready for Christmas!
I'm still crossing these fingers!!!
Jade has been out there working on this baby every possible night after his day job! I call it his de-stress :P

If you can't find us at a market near you, you can jump on over to our 'stockists' page and find a few Australian stores who have taken on a little bit of JasmineRose.

I just want to put out a HUGE thanks to all who have supported our artistic expressions over this year! Customers from markets and my stores who stock our goodies: your ongoing support means so much to us! We love to make and we are thrilled knowing that a little bit of JR can bring a splash of delight to your day!

We want to wish you an excellent and safe Christmas season! Catch you in the new year!
xx JR team

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I just can't help myself...

I have once again made a few new things for this season...

I am forever inspired by the things I see around me. Recently I had a day out with my kids to explore the TMAG and came home feeling inspired and energised to create and make.

Here in this little pic you will see a few of my new designs inspired by colour, shape and pattern. I even ventured out with a little splash of metallics :)

Our rings have been revamped so they are the sort that don't rub underneath. And my new favourite piece I love to wear is the triangle pendant necklace.

Hope you enjoy!

xx jr team

Thursday, May 16, 2013

new things

Hi All.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster here at the JR studios. We're on a very steep learning curve, once again, with our newbie, Jobe and our 3yo Max. It all feels very new to us again,  relearning how to do this whole new baby/parent thing :P

Thanks to you all for your support and your visits down at Salamanca market. We've had some wild days down there, with one Saturday shut down due to crazy high winds!

Check out our stockists page for shops who are stocking some of our goodies. We picked up a new stockists on the weekend just gone. You can find Vulcanella - a little part of Reliquaire in Latrobe. This store is amazing! There is something there for everyone!

You'll find a few of our timber earrings in store. Check out their facebook page for more beautiful photos.

Any whooo... The child is calling (and a million earrings need to be finished).

Hope to catch you soon at one of the markets we'll be at.

Cheerio for now!
xx the JR team

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ok, ok... we might have been a bit quiet for a few weeks, but we were just so busy with our new little creation....

All at Jasmine Rose welcome Jobe Arthur Grice to the team!

So after a few weeks of downtime (actually its hard to tell what time is anymore...), we will be back at Salamanca from this weekend, although daddy will be manning the stall on his own - please feel free to come and help him make lots of sales so he feels like he is doing a good job ;) Truth be told he might need lots of visitors just to keep him awake.

We've got some exciting new additions to our Vinyl Wall Art range coming in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those too.

We will be at site 44 this week and 109 next week - both are right near the roundabout between Parliament House, the Law Courts and Irish Murphys.

We hope to see you there, maybe you'll get to catch a glimpse or our newest creation... we're pretty proud of this one ;)

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Things!

We're a bit excited (and a little nervous) here at the JR studio. We have been preparing several new products and refreshing a few oldies but goodies. AND awaiting the arrival of our 2nd child... any day now :)

To products... Last week saw the debut of our new Tas Oak earrings. We will have some professional photos up soon for you - but for now just a few snap shots to give you the idea.

And this week due to me being on maternity leave from teaching, I have been able to update our necklace pendants. We have some very cool new designs to show you. Come see the stall tomorrow at Salamanca to see them - they are very cute and colourful :)

Our vinyl wall art is also having a bit of a make over! In the next few weeks you'll see several new designs and new fun way of packaging them (crazy how I get so excited over packaging :/)!

Along with these new things, I have been dreaming of a few other new products (mainly in the printmaking domain). OH and I can't wait to get a start on these! Just need a few more supplies :)

To make room for some of these new designs and products, we'll be having a SALE tomorrow on our necklaces. The older designs will be marked down to $15. Come and grab one for yourself and a friend! There are limited quantities so be quick!

Anywhoo.... We'll hopefully catch you at the market tomorrow - it's looking like it'll be another beautiful day! Come say HI!

See you there!
xx JR team

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013! Happy New Year!

Well. What a start to the year! I LOVE holidays and I love days that I get to spend with the extended family! We have spent the last several weeks lulling about with family, sunshine and our camper trailor. We were very lucky to be at the opposite end of the state from the catastrophes of the Southern Tasmanian fires. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the fires that swept through the many towns down south.

We have a few new things on the horizon for this year... the main thing... our #2 child! March will change us I'm sure. But apart from our very exciting new little addition, we are hoping to pick up a few more stockists around the state and I'm sure a few new designs will sprout out of us.

Keep an eye on the blog for new things and where you can find us at markets.

Wishing you an awesome 2013!

xx JR team