Friday, November 4, 2011

End of year Crazies!!!

Well. Christmas is FAST approaching! eeeeeek! and well, I'm getting a little stressed as it feels like there is SO MUCH TO DO. See I'm a teacher as well as a wife, mother and maker. I love all of these things so I am just making it work.

Over the next few weeks you can catch us at a few markets around Tas. So keep an eye on the list on the right hand side of this page. Salamanca, The Market & Niche; I am very much excited about these :)

We have been making making making and doing a little more making over the last few weeks. The JR team are getting ready and stocked for all of the pre Christmas markets. Check out my little montage of stock and stock in the making :)

Hope you like what you see... Anyways - I must run and get some sleep now so I can be fresh and ready for Salamanca ;)

Hope to see you soon!

xx JR

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi There...

The JR team are very excited about a few new things on offer....

We have been inundated by requests of a tree... so we have done it :P Check out the two pics below (sorry, very dodgy late night photos, but you get the idea). We have a 'smaller' circle styled tree and an extension to one of our already popular style branch design. Spin it around, add the extension, position the butterflies and voila! A tree. Clever hey?!
Also a new little something to wear for you stylish ones out there. I have been very inspired by a few contemporary artists of late; Cathy Cullis to just mention one - amazing stitch work, layering and textures all the things I LOVE. The whole stitching thing is getting to me. I have been doing a little bit of nana embroidery and then it all took a little tangent. I was madly sketching some ideas last Saturday and have now put together a few of those designs for you. These brooches are a combination of free machine and hand embroidery. Each one is very unique! A one of a kind you could say.

Anywho... Hope you like our new things.

See you at one of our up coming markets we'll be at.

Niche in Launceston, Salamanca and a few little surprise visits along the way.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mummy Made it Market & a little Update for you

Ok... So... It's school holiday's and I thought before I head down stairs and get some crafting done I'll do a little update for you all (poor blog you have been VERY neglected!).

JR has been go go go this year... all along with; teaching, designing, being mum, being dad, loving a sick/happy/cheeky baby, celebrating/hosting a 1yo's birthday party and sleeping :p It has been HUGE! but very much rewarding!

It's been great seeing all of my market friends and customers at Salamanca on and off over the last little while. It's now going to be getting rather freezing down there and I am a little afraid of that to tell you the truth!

For those of you who are up the North end of the state, come and visit me at the Mummy Made it Market in Ulverstone. My mum and sister have a stall so I though I'll join in and be a part of it to! It's a fundraiser for a local group, MOPS.

Keep an eye on the Upcoming Markets and you'll be able to catch us somewhere around the state :)

Hope to see you soon!

xx JR

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How have you used your Vinyl Wall Art?

Hey All,

We had a week off from Salamanca due to a little sickness in our household :( Hopefully we're all on the mend! So a huge apology if you were heading into the market on Saturday just gone to collect some goodies from us. We'll be back in a fortnights time. We'll keep you posted :)

We'd just like to share a little picture with you. A lovely customer of ours, Janet, sent a picture of how she has used her vinyl wall art... and we JUST LOVE IT :) Thanks so much Janet for sending us a snap!

Don't forget to keep an eye on our online store. We have just added a new design for you :)

Looking forward to seeing you at our next market and VERY much looking forward to seeing your photos!

See you soon - The JR Team

Friday, February 11, 2011

This Saturday...

Hey everyone,

just letting you know we are at Salamanca Market this Saturday up the Davey Street end - now school is back it's time to treat yourself!

And we'll have all our Vinyl Wall Art in stock this week, including our new design... and the best bit - at Salamanca they're always at special "market only" prices.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Online Store

Hi Everyone,

just letting you know that we now have our entire range of vinyl wall art and chalkboards available in our on-line store.

Our other stock lines including framed prints, journals, brooches etc will be making their way to our online store over the coming week.

Thanks for your patience - to view our online store click the link at the top of our page or CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We're Back :)

We are back after a HUGE Christmas & New Years with the family all around the state. After much travel, a wedding, two Christmas days and a cracker of a NY's party, we're back at it all things JR.

We had our first day back at Salamanca on the 8th Jan (although we were on the waiting list #12 and we got in :) - YAY! Thanks Chris). But we're there again this Saturday up the Davey St end.

We are in the process of designing some new vinyl cuts, brooches and 'other' new things to add to our collection. We really are looking forward to getting our new designs and ideas out asap - so keep an eye out on the blog and come see us at one of the markets around Hobart.

See you real soon :)