Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi There...

The JR team are very excited about a few new things on offer....

We have been inundated by requests of a tree... so we have done it :P Check out the two pics below (sorry, very dodgy late night photos, but you get the idea). We have a 'smaller' circle styled tree and an extension to one of our already popular style branch design. Spin it around, add the extension, position the butterflies and voila! A tree. Clever hey?!
Also a new little something to wear for you stylish ones out there. I have been very inspired by a few contemporary artists of late; Cathy Cullis to just mention one - amazing stitch work, layering and textures all the things I LOVE. The whole stitching thing is getting to me. I have been doing a little bit of nana embroidery and then it all took a little tangent. I was madly sketching some ideas last Saturday and have now put together a few of those designs for you. These brooches are a combination of free machine and hand embroidery. Each one is very unique! A one of a kind you could say.

Anywho... Hope you like our new things.

See you at one of our up coming markets we'll be at.

Niche in Launceston, Salamanca and a few little surprise visits along the way.