Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mummy Made it Market & a little Update for you

Ok... So... It's school holiday's and I thought before I head down stairs and get some crafting done I'll do a little update for you all (poor blog you have been VERY neglected!).

JR has been go go go this year... all along with; teaching, designing, being mum, being dad, loving a sick/happy/cheeky baby, celebrating/hosting a 1yo's birthday party and sleeping :p It has been HUGE! but very much rewarding!

It's been great seeing all of my market friends and customers at Salamanca on and off over the last little while. It's now going to be getting rather freezing down there and I am a little afraid of that to tell you the truth!

For those of you who are up the North end of the state, come and visit me at the Mummy Made it Market in Ulverstone. My mum and sister have a stall so I though I'll join in and be a part of it to! It's a fundraiser for a local group, MOPS.

Keep an eye on the Upcoming Markets and you'll be able to catch us somewhere around the state :)

Hope to see you soon!

xx JR