Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year 2010... What does it hold???

Well 2010 is going to be a rather large year for my family, extended family and myself!

Firstly Jade & I are expecting! YAY!!! April/May is the when 'it' is due... and a boy is he :)

Secondly... Helen & I are getting The Barn Market up and running. It is all happening! 13 Feb is our first date and it is at The Barn in Rosny park (near the almighty Eastlands) 10am-3pm. Check out the blog for that... http://thebarnmarket.blogspot.com/ VERY EXCITING...

And third... (but probably the most important at the mo) I am suppose to be re-writing my art curriculum for school and collating ALL of my gear so my lovely new friend & art teacher can take over my department from april to the end of the year! Lets see how that goes :) as I am THE BEST procrastinator EVER!

OH AND... what new arty/crafty creations am I going to come up with this year??? I love my frames, so I will be making a few more of those but also freshening up the designs. I have a few articles of clothing I am wanting to make for my little man, myself :) and for my customers at the market...

So I guess we'll see how the new year unfolds...

Just in retrospect... 2009... It was a great year all round!
I gathered together enough products and guts to get involved in the markets around Hobart {thank you girls (Rebecca, Shannon, Holly (the market) & Julie (the beach market)) for getting us involved}. It was a fab year learning new things, meeting new friends and learning how to best display our products has been rather rewarding!
Thailand was an amazing place to visit! WAY too many memories flood back and it is so hard to choose which ones to share! So here's a little photomontage from that trip...

Life in '09 has been a little bit of a roller coaster... Happy days, heartache, love and plenty of friend and family time :) I love my family & adopted family heaps and have loved the support that they have shown us over the past year. We surly couldn't have done it without them!

Anyways, enough of the sentimental stuff and off to the sewing room I go :)

Much love and thankfulness for your support over the last year!