Sunday, December 9, 2012

Only 2 markets until Christmas!

Well, time is marching on solidly as it only ever does in December (or when you're on holidays!).

This week you'll find us with a great range of last minute gift ideas, all designed and handmade by us here in Tasmania - with a wide range of items from "Your Workplace Secret Santa" options to "The Best Christmas Present They've Ever Received"!

And lets face it... its getting too late to rely on online orders for things to be delivered in time for Christmas - so come and grab those last few items from us (or come and grab yourself a present so that you don't have to be totally disappointed with the obligatory socks-and-undies-type-presents).

We'd love to see you at Salamanca Market this Saturday at site #296 - just outside the Salamanca Arts Centre.

(Click the image to see at higher resolution)

Monday, November 26, 2012

It's almost Christmas - eeeek!

It's on again!

T H I S   W E E K E N D ! ! ! ! 

Come and visit us and see a few new lovelies we have been making.

Hope you are enjoying this season and we also hope to catch you soon at one of our many markets we'll be attending.

Happy silly season!
xx JR team

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hi Everyone!

We've been away OS for a few weeks and are now back in full swing!
NZ is the MOST beautiful place to visit!
Below is a photo from one of my fave spots on the south island - Wanaka.

So glad Spring is finally here! Hope you are enjoying this new season.
I just love it!
Longer days and a little more warmth in the sun. It just says Summer is VEeeeeerrrrrrY near :)

We've been playing with a few new colour options with some of our wall designs. You need to pop down and check out what we have put together for our market goers.

Also a new-ish chalkboard design for you - cloud and raindrops - very apt for our Tassie weather :)

Oh and we have only two rainbow designs left. These were a limited run, so if you would like one you either need to catch us next weekend at Salamanca or shoot us an email and we can sort something out for you! They are very cool up on a wall. So much fun :)

Hope to see you soon.

xx JR team

Friday, July 20, 2012

This week in our work space

We've been busy making for you all.

A few of the oldies but goodies and a few newbies!

Do you like the new selection of patterns? I sure do!

Do you like the rings? I've had several customers requesting these so I had a crack at them this week. My plan is to find a better ring base. I want one that is much wider in the band (so if you know where I could maybe get some from, let me know :P ).

Hope to catch you at Salamanca this weekend!

ttfn xxx JR team

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Oh. How I do love a day at Salamanca market!

We'll be there again this Saturday.
See you there...
xx JR

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi Jasmine Rose friends,

Hope your winter is treating you well! It has been freezing here in Hobart! I really don't mind. It makes me want to sit in front of a fire and sip red wine. Unfortunately, we don't have an open fire so it's just the wine that makes it on the list :/

We have had some beautiful days at Salamanca Market lately. Sun. Not so much warmth, but beautiful light to keep you going till the end of the day. We'll be there again this weekend. You can find us up the top of Davey Street (site8).

We have been busy and have restocked our wall art, chalk boards, brooches, necklaces AND clutches! Thank goodness to school holidays! I've been able to spend some time with the sewing machine and put a few more of these little gems together for you.

Hope you and your family are well!

Ta ta for now :)
xx the JR team

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keep an eye out for us.

Here is a little bit of advertising for the two markets just around the corner...

You'll find JR outside at The Barn Market hopefully next to the lovely Babushka's Bazaar with her scrumptious warm felted woollen goodness.

You will also find us at the lovely designed; made market down at the wharf - u.n.d.e.r.c.o.v.e.r :)

Both of these markets will be awesome spots for you to find something lovely for your mum. Mothers day is also just around the corner - eeeeeK! I love buying presents :) Hope you can come and get something indulgent for the women in your life.

Also check out this cool new design Jade has put together! How cute! I often find master M laying under the rocket making rocket noises. He's such a funny kid. Love him!

Any hooooow.... Hope all is well in your household!
Hope to catch you soon.
JR team

Thursday, March 29, 2012


IT's just about here! Niche is on tomorrow night and Saturday. Hope you can visit us :)

We've been CRAZY busy getting ready for this one. Jade has gone sick with vinyl cutting! 60+ in one week! ridiculous I say :) But they are truly wicked!!! And moi, well I have been getting those lovely wooden creations stocked.

Check out our 'products' page. I have put a few new pics up for you.

We're very much looking forward to the weekend!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stay tuned...

New logo, new products!

Blog being fully updated this week, and a new method of online purchasing to come...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello Neglected Blogging World!

Hi all,

We've been busy here in the JR household, as per usual :/ Sorry for neglecting y'all! Hope you now feel the love :0)

Christmas, New Years and Return to 'real' work happened all too fast! I swear the years, month, and days are picking up speed as I age - boo hoo! I really LOVED the family time we were blessed with. I even got to hang with my clan for an entire week. Max just loved playing with his cousins and hanging out with the grandparents from both sides.

Oh and CAMPING! We've had the best weather for camping. Our family spent an entire week out together at the Bay of Fires. BEAUTIFUL spot there on the East Coast of Tas! Check out our view!

Now. We have a few things to tickle your fancies with ;)

We have a few new products on the go and will hopefully have them launched in the next few weeks. ALONG WITH... drum roll please .... new branding! YAY We've talked about this for so long now! Jade is the graphic designer in the family and has been looonging to refresh our image. So I think we've done it. Agreed on a design ;)

Keep your eye out for the new 'stuff' (no hints are being given ;) ) and branding.

Look forward seeing you at one of the markets in the not to distant future.

xxx JR