Sunday, May 31, 2009

All Saints Market - May 09

Well! Helen and I were at the wintery, drizzly & freezing cold market in South Hobart yesterday. I SO wish I had some ugg boots cause I would have been wearing them if I had them!

It was a good day in the little hall and a very nice spot for a market. I can just imagine what it could look like during the Summer months! Coffee stalls in the cottage garden, picnics on the lawn and a whole variety of local produce and products on sale! Ahhh! Bring on Summer I say!

Anyways, that's enough of me carrying on! Here are a few snaps that I took just after we had set up (they are not the best photos, please forgive me)...

Here you can see Helen's bunting hanging over our space and a few of my framed prints hanging on the right.

My Brooches, Cards, Postcards, Prints Framed, Art Earings, Phone Pouches

This is Helen... and some of her products (She does look a little 'special' here. LOL! Sorry Helen!)
Pendants, Fabric Covered Buttons (clips, ties, pins & magnets) & some very cool bunting!

If you were able to make it and see some of our stuff, I hoped you liked what we created. AND if you bought something that we made... well... enjoy!

Hope to see you at the next market we're at!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phone pouches... AND Brooches!

I've done it! I've finished a few to photograph! WOW! I love school holidays! I get to finish these ideas i get!!!

Hope you like :)
They are selling for $10.00 if you are interested...
I have a maroon one for my iPhone and I love it! Vintage & Funky combined ;)

AND the Brooches... These are Dominoes, I have glued and varnished art images over the non playing side...
$4.50 each

If you would like to purchase any of my work - send me an email and we'll get the ball rolling :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Several things on the go :)

Oh Dear! It has been SO long since i have updated my blog. Sorry to those who are keen to see what i am making and selling... I get so carried away with making, i forget to post what i have made - whoops :) (not to mention getting carried away in my teaching work too!)

Here is what i have been making...

up-cycled journals

prices vary: $8 - $30

cards with screen prints (using a variety of papers sewn and printed over)

$4.50each or 3 for $12.50


small screen print cards

$1.50each or 5 for $6
great for gift tags and little notes to friends :)

hope you like...

I'll post photos of my iphone pouches soon... (hopefully this week - as I am on holidays!!! YAY!!!)