Thursday, December 12, 2013

WOW! Please forgive me! I've been very slack here with the blog!

Hi Hi! Blogging is definitely not my strength! Photos is the way I tell my stories so hunt me down on instagram - don't forget to hash tag your JasmineRose photos with #jasminerosetasmania. I LOVE seeing who/how/where JR turns up!

Here's a little of our life from the last, oh... several months :p

As you can see we have been quite active; playing, exploring, creating and enjoying life (even with a little bit of 8mth old teething!).

All in with a bit of vintage caravan restoring! Hopefully ready for Christmas!
I'm still crossing these fingers!!!
Jade has been out there working on this baby every possible night after his day job! I call it his de-stress :P

If you can't find us at a market near you, you can jump on over to our 'stockists' page and find a few Australian stores who have taken on a little bit of JasmineRose.

I just want to put out a HUGE thanks to all who have supported our artistic expressions over this year! Customers from markets and my stores who stock our goodies: your ongoing support means so much to us! We love to make and we are thrilled knowing that a little bit of JR can bring a splash of delight to your day!

We want to wish you an excellent and safe Christmas season! Catch you in the new year!
xx JR team