Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello Neglected Blogging World!

Hi all,

We've been busy here in the JR household, as per usual :/ Sorry for neglecting y'all! Hope you now feel the love :0)

Christmas, New Years and Return to 'real' work happened all too fast! I swear the years, month, and days are picking up speed as I age - boo hoo! I really LOVED the family time we were blessed with. I even got to hang with my clan for an entire week. Max just loved playing with his cousins and hanging out with the grandparents from both sides.

Oh and CAMPING! We've had the best weather for camping. Our family spent an entire week out together at the Bay of Fires. BEAUTIFUL spot there on the East Coast of Tas! Check out our view!

Now. We have a few things to tickle your fancies with ;)

We have a few new products on the go and will hopefully have them launched in the next few weeks. ALONG WITH... drum roll please .... new branding! YAY We've talked about this for so long now! Jade is the graphic designer in the family and has been looonging to refresh our image. So I think we've done it. Agreed on a design ;)

Keep your eye out for the new 'stuff' (no hints are being given ;) ) and branding.

Look forward seeing you at one of the markets in the not to distant future.

xxx JR